SDBEC Mission Statement

The San Diego Building Electrification Coalition (SDBEC) is an alliance of community, labor, business, faith, justice, and environmental organizations coming together to advance electrification in residential and commercial buildings. Building electrification is essential to meeting California’s ambitious climate goals, improving air quality in our homes, and protecting public health.

MISSION: SDBEC advocates for building electrification in new building development by supporting the modification of building codes in cities throughout the San Diego region. We oppose the expansion of gas hookups due to the adverse impacts of natural gas combustion on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, indoor health, and public safety.

GOALS: The Coalition will work together to:

  • Provide education and outreach to build community support for electrification
  • Pursue the adoption of building code ordinances to advance building electrification in our region
  • Advocate for electrification policies before state agencies including the California Energy Commission (CEC), the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the state legislature, as appropriate

PRINCIPLES: The Coalition will operate from the following principles: 

  • Promote building electrification throughout the region and opposing natural gas expansion in new development projects
  • Support equitable pathways to phase out gas combustion in existing buildings
  • Center equity in the transition to all-electric buildings so that communities of concern benefit from local investments and job creation 
  • Support efforts to improve affordability of electrification with incentives, rate reform, and financing, with a priority focus on low-income residents
  • Support efforts by labor and developers to identify jobs that will be phased out and to plan for the transition of those workers to new, middle class, family-sustaining union jobs, with an equitable pipeline of workers from communities of concern
  • Support efforts by educational and governmental institutions to create clean energy, family-sustaining union jobs, and workforce training opportunities, while advocating for access  for communities of concern
  • Support efforts to increase the benefits of electrification by decarbonizing our electrical grid

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