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EN Webinar: Make Your Go Electric! Plan – Tools and resources to get you started

May 15 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PDT

Electrify Now

Learn how to create an electrification plan to upgrade your home for greater energy efficiency, reduced costs, increased comfort and safety

We’ll show you how to develop a simple electrification plan tailored to your home’s unique needs, so you’re ready to take advantage of new rebates, tax credits, and other programs when it’s time to replace appliances with new high efficiency all-electric upgrades. An informed plan will help you electrify, whether you want to swap systems out as they fail or you’re ready to get off fossil fuels and improve your home’s performance right now.

Transitioning to safer, more efficient electric technologies is a process, not a single project. Whether you’re ready to make the switch now or planning for the future, join us to learn:

  • Why a home electrification plan will help you transition to a safer, more efficient home.
  • How to conduct a home inventory to assess your current systems.
  • How to get a professional energy audit and why that can be helpful.
  • How to avoid emergency appliance replacements that can lock you into high energy costs.
  • How to save money by thinking ahead on electrical upgrades and other measures.
  • How to find resources to help you make good decisions and learn about your options.
  • How to locate trusted and experienced contractors to do the work.

We will also review the Rewiring America Personal Home Electrification Planner – an online tool that walks you through the details of an electrification plan with estimated costs, energy savings and incentives personalized to your home.

Join us on May 15th and take the first step towards a greener, more energy-efficient home today!

This webinar is part of the Electrify Now “Go Electric!” series. Find more short webinars for information and tips on other important electrification topics here.

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Hosts and Panelists:

Joe Wachunas – Joe is a passionate environmentalist who lives in Portland, Oregon. In addition to his work for Electrify Now, Joe is a Program Manager for the New Buildings Institute, managing the Advanced Water Heating Initiative. He is a frequent contributor to CleanTechnica writing articles about topics relating to electrification and clean energy. Joe believes that electrifying everything, from transportation to homes, is the quickest path to an equitable, clean energy future. And of course, Joe and his family used their own home to experiment and learn about all electric solutions, solar power and EVs.

Nick Stevens – Nick Stevens envisions an equitable and thriving world powered by clean electric devices. He is Co-founder and President of Go Electric Colorado, an organization empowering Coloradans with one-on-one support to go electric in their homes and commutes. Nick is a BPI Certified Building Analyst Professional and creates solutions informed by the real-world challenges people face on their journey to electrify everything. A software engineer with more than a decade of experience, Nick is a founding member of the Rewiring America software engineering team, and co-architect of the Personal Electrification Planner.

Shannon Wilson – Shannon Wilson is a creative generalist dedicated to working for the public good. While working for digital agencies and as a freelance consultant, she has helped myriad non-profits as a product designer, information architect, content strategist, and project manager. She helped to launch Climate.gov, contributed to an app for the National Cancer Institute, and has worked with a number of community credit unions. Currently she is working to support home electrification as the program manager for ElectrifyPDX and Electrify Now. Shannon is passionate about fighting climate change and bringing about change in our local community and beyond.