All-Electric with a View: Laguna Row

As we strive to meet the ambitious climate goals set in place for the San Diego region, Laguna Row, a new all-electric residential development located on the Buena Vista lagoon in Carlsbad, CA is leading the charge.

On November 18th, three SDBEC members and I were fortunate enough to tour the waterfront housing project led by architect Brett Farrow. The 13 detached, one-of-a-kind, cedar-clad homes include everything from electric induction cooktops* to hybrid electric heat pump water heaters. And yes, the food tastes the same whether it’s cooked on an electric induction cooktop or a gas stove. Electric Induction cooktops even double as more counter space. A win-win in my book.

Each home has their own two-car garage with an impressive built-in lift system, as well as its own EV charging station. Additionally, all 13 homes come with rooftop solar used to power their all-electric appliances.

All-electric appliances are not only better for the indoor and outdoor environment but they’re also cost-effective. Farrow mentioned that the new construction project was faster to build compared to a gas infused project and estimated that he saved between $150,000 – $200,000 by avoiding building out gas infrastructure.

In addition to the up-front cheaper cost of building an all-electric building/development, energy efficient technology will also help lower these units’ energy usage and, in turn, lower their monthly electricity bill. On average, one can save 15-24% when switching to a heat pump water heater. Better for the environment and saves you money? Not bad.

Brett Farrow’s Laguna Row is yet another example of how you can combine cutting edge all-electric appliances with state-of-the-art design all without emitting greenhouse gases.

As said by Brett Farrow “Going all electric was an easy decision.”

* If you would like to try cooking on an electric induction cooktop, be sure to check one out through the San Diego Green Building Council’s Free Home Cooktop Program where you can rent one out for three weeks, free of charge.